Niko in the trailer.

"Don't ask Alex what I do with my shotgun at night. Hehe."
— Nikolai talking to Delta Squad

Nikolai "Niko" Chevy is the middle child (12) of the Chevy brothers from Mercy . Niko is voiced by Kalen Armstrong .

Personal Background (2.0)

Niko is the second child born to his "skank" mother and "deadbeat dad", which she is more than likely no longer with considering his younger brother Eli has a different father as well. Niko is in the same grade as his youngest brother Eli due to being held back a few years multiple times.

Rebellious and proven to be strong, Niko by far is the least intellect of anyone in both films. He had been expelled along with his brothers, and joined the military after Alex convinced him.


Niko in an evidence photo where he was temporarily blinded, with lancers against his head.

After Recruitment

Niko and his brothers claimed to have been in custody by the military police for assaulting a spec-op, which resulted in Niko allegedly becoming temporarily blinded before getting arrested along with his kin. Upon their release, they were abruptly assigned to Fireteam Echo, along with two other members named Morgan and Fordyce .

Niko tends to be quiet for the most part, following his older brother around. Despite being younger, most people mistake him to be the oldest because he's taller (5'11", Alex being 5'7"). Niko hangs out at the Sugar Shack : a club for troublemakers and gangs, alongside Alex and Baird . Albeit Alex takes a dislike for most of Delta Squad, especially Marcus , Eli remained mostly neutral while Niko doesn't show any hostility toward anyone.  

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The Chevy brothers together. Alex (left), Niko (right), and Eli (bottom).

Despite being an idiot, Niko seems to be the only one out of the three that can drive machinery, including Centaurs . Niko is also the only Chevy brother that lives, where he witnesses the death of Eli.


Niko is usually quiet, but will sometimes make a remark if Alex starts it first. He usually doesn't talk unless talked to, and speaks with a thick southern accent. Unlike his brother Alex, he is not angered easily if at all, and seems to be the most sensitive being in the bretheren. While Niko doesn't tend to get angry, he can get weird, and has a habit of talking about awkward subjects like what he supposedly does with his shotgun at night.


Niko is a tall and lanky white male preteen. His head is shaved, and he wears his jumpsuit with the sleeves cut off. There is not much of an appearance difference in both films, other than in 2.0 he has blue eyes and sometimes wears protective goggles.


  • In 2.0 Niko doesn't seem to start any fights, and prefers to not have any drama in the squad.